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Lilith was Adam's (the first man) first wife, created before Eve. She was created of the Earth like Adam. Because of her equality in invention she demanded to be Adam's Equal. She demanded that during sexual intercourse she be allowed on top. When it became ovious she could not fight Adam's dominating nature, she uttered the holy name of God and flew out of Eden (the Garden). When she left Eden she engaged in sex with the Deamons of earth, and had children, hundreds of them being demonic, called Lilim. After she left, Adam was lonely, and wanted god to fetch her so he sent out three angels, Sanvai, Sansanvai, and Semangelof . She told him that she would not return, claiming that her purpose was to slay Adam's children.Eventually, she agreed that she would spare thier lives is she saw the names of the angels printed above their door.
After Lilith left Eden God created Eve out of a rib of Adam. Adam and Eve who gave into the temtation of Satan (the serpant in the garden), were also banished and made mortal. However Lilith never ate from the tree of Knowledge so she was imortal.

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